La Rioja–an obligatory pilgrimage for any wine enthusiast–may be Spain’s quintessential wine region known for classic Tempranillo-based wines. The wine region evokes images of pristine medieval villages, stellar local products enlivening the cuisine, and traditional old-world Rioja wines. Beneath this classic exterior the Rioja has a bevy of innovative winemakers producing world-class wines enhancing the wine region's caché.

Your private winery visits and wine tastings, often with the bodega owners or the winemakers, will allow you to experience the heart and soul of the region. Your lunches and dinners will be at chef-owned restaurants focused on contemporary cuisine or on age-old traditional fare. Prepare yourself for charming hotels, dramatic scenery, hilltop castles, delicious food, and of course stellar red and, surprisingly, white wines.

Lingering over leisurely meals accompanied by the best wines of the region you will find yourself thinking that you have found the perfect food and wine escape.

Rioja Tours

Change is in the air in Rioja. …You will meet an encouraging new generation of Rioja producers starting their own bodegas.
— Sarah Jane Evans MW