Planning A Trip With Epicurean Ways

Changes are underway here at Epicurean Ways. Every day as we plan private trips to Spain, Portugal and France for individuals and groups we realize that where to go and what to do isn't always clear to our travelers. Often there's a notion of a place without concrete ideas, or an interest in specific activites without a sense of the best places to go. We're setting out to change that.

In the coming days and weeks we will add descriptions of our experiences within each region of Spain, as well as those in Portugal and France. You, the traveler, can then choose those experiences that most appeal to you. Our job will be to arrange the ones you choose, and others not on the website, with modes of transportation, curated restaurants, and hotels matched to your preferences.

We have a portfolio of activities not included on the website. In fact, we have far more experiences at our disposal than we can include. Some are in less frequently visited parts of Spain, while others are reserved for food and wine professionals, or are not listed simply because they appeal to specialists, food geeks, or journalists. Feel free to ask us about these unlisted possibilities.

We hope that the experience descriptions will spark your imagination and give you a sense of what's possible. As always, call or email with any questions, to talk over your ideas, or to ask for some guidance in beginning trip planning.