Custom Trip Planning

We are trip designer, travel planner, tour operator and travel concierge in Spain and Portugal.

review and feedback. With your feedback on this first draft we revise and refine the trip plan. We do this as many times as necessary until you think the trip plan is perfect.

The information that helps us to design your trip

  • who is traveling

  • where you want to go, if you know

  • special occasion or celebration

  • your interests

  • any must do/see elements

  • the level of escorted services versus self-guided independence you want

  • the types of hotels you like

Trips Designed for You

When you choose us to create your trip to Spain or Portugal you gain enormous flexibility. When you travel, where you go and what you do there is completely up to you. We make the planning stress-free for you by drawing from our vast knowledge of Spain and Portugal and our deep connections there to design the perfect trip for you. Whether you want to travel with family or friends, or with your wine club, restaurant, clients, or any other group, you can count on us to plan a seamless travel experience. 

Whatever your reason for traveling we will work with you to craft the trip and include activities, accommodations, transportation and entertainment tailored to you.

We start with a telephone conversation or email exchange to talk about the type of trip you are looking for and who is traveling. Together we try to define the trip personality. 

Contact us to begin planning your trip to Spain or Portugal. We will arrange a telephone conversation with you to begin the planning. We then send you a trip proposal for your

Travel Agents

through the Iberian Peninsula, we welcome your requests. Or if you simply have a question about Spain or Portugal we'd love to help you out!

We work with travel agents and tour operators helping to give your clients the best possible personalized travel experiences in Spain and Portugal. Whether it's a shore excursion, a pre-cruise tour or an extended luxury trip


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