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We are your trip designer, travel planner and concierge in Spain or Portugal.

All of the trips we plan include expert guides knowledgeable about the cities and regions. We go a step further with our guides. They are also experts in food and wine, or art, or architecture, or art history, or local culture, or history. Often they are specialists in more than one area. Rest assured they are always specialists in the region you are traveling to. We don't stop there. All of our guides have been hand-selected and vetted by us. We can guarantee they are not only knowledgeable specialists but they are also smart, enjoyable, articulate and warm people to spend time with. What's more, they offer you a window into Spanish and Portuguese culture, history, traditions and daily life. They become the traveling companions who "guide" you, leading the way into the essence of Spain and Portugal.

We are available to help you even if you simply want help with logistics, hotel selection and reservations, and restaurant concierge service.

Contact us to begin planning your trip to Spain or Portugal. We will arrange a telephone conversation with you so that we can hone in on the nature of your trip and begin the planning. The information that helps us create the trip you want: who is traveling, where you want to go, if you know, what is the reason for your trip, what are your interests, what are any must do/see elements, what level of escorted services versus self-guided independence you want, what types of hotels you like. And let us surprise you with experiences, activities and insider access to the places and local actors that you didn't know existed!

When you choose us to create your trip to Spain or Portugal you gain enormous flexibility. When you travel, where you go and what you do there is completely up to you. We make the planning stress-free for you by drawing from our vast knowledge of Spain and Portugal and our deep connections there to design the perfect trip for you. Whether you want to travel with family or friends, or with your wine club, restaurant, company team, clients, alumni group or any other affinity group, you can count on us to plan a seamless travel experience. 

We understand that the how you go and what you do are just as important as the where you go. As with any trip you take, a trip in Spain or Portugal can have a theme–cultural education, wine vacation, culinary immersion, fine arts exploration, walking and biking. Your trip will also have a purpose, a raison d'etre. A significant birthday or celebration, a honeymoon, an annual getaway, an important family vacation, a retreat, an educational trip for food and wine professionals… Whatever your reason for traveling we will work with you to craft the trip and include activities, accommodations, transportation and entertainment tailored to realize your vision.

We start with that vision be it an inchoate image or a fully articulated plan. We consult with you by phone or email to understand who is traveling and the types of experiences, activities, accommodations and, importantly, food and wine, you want. In other words the trip personality. We then send you a trip proposal for your review and feedback. We listen to your thoughts and ideas and incorporate them into the plan, refining the trip plan by adding or subtracting elements, reordering the days, changing accommodations, etc. We do this as many times as necessary until the trip plan is perfect.

Travel Agents

through the Iberian Peninsula, we welcome your requests. Or if you simply have a question about Spain or Portugal we'd love to help you out!

We work with travel agents and tour operators helping to give your clients the best possible personalized travel experiences in Spain and Portugal. Whether it's a shore excursion, a pre-cruise tour or an extended luxury trip


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