Ribera del Duero, Toro and Cigales Wine Trips

Well known and loved by wine enthusiasts, the wines from Spain's Ribera del Duero region in Castilla-León include such legendary names as Vega Sicilia, Pingus, and Mauro. Beyond and in addition to the prestigious bodegas, Ribera del Duero boasts numerous enchanting wineries to visit. We have collected our favorite wineries, restaurants and wine experts into unique custom trips available for 2 to 30 people.

We recently spent a week in the region on a trip of discovery, finding wonderful wines and wineries in the regions of Toro and Cigales as well as in Ribera del Duero. The three wine regions are all within a short distance of one another, making our favorite hotel in the region an ideal hub for a three or five day wine trip.

Beyond wine, the area is home to amazingly well preserved castles–the best I have seen in Spain–; sublime charcuterie from nearby Guijelo; rich lechazo (roast baby lamb) and cochinillo (roast suckling pig); some of the best sheep's milk cheese in Spain; luxurious five-star hotels; a new Michelin-star restaurant. We are partnering with food and wine experts, as we always do, to bring you our signature perfectly orchestrated and expert led trips.