The Types of Coffee in Spain and Portugal


Spain and Portugal make many people think of wine, but one of the most common drinks in the Iberian Peninsula is coffee. Not just any coffee, though. Spanish and Portuguese coffee is espresso and very strong, even compared to Italy. It kickstarts the day, energizes the afternoon, and allows the night to be extended beyond its natural life. The types to order are the following:


–café solo–small espresso, served black

–café cortado–small espresso with a touch of steamed milk

–café con leche–slightly larger espresso with steamed milk

–café americano–larger, with water added


–um café–small espresso, served black

–café pingado–small espresso with a touch of steamed milk

–meia de leite–slightly larger espresso, with steamed milk

–um abatanado–larger, with water added