Spanish Artisan Crafts: Sargadelos

Spain and Artisan Craft Products

Spain isn't always thought of as a country of quality traditional artisans and artisan products. A little sleuthing and it turns out there are producers of traditional crafts albeit not always in plain sight. Apart from shops in Madrid, Barcelona and other cities, you often have to be at the source to find the products. And you have to know what you're looking for. You have to be "in the know" or you likely will miss the goods. Unlike the culinary specialties, about which volumes have by now been penned (Basque Country pintxos, churros con chocolate, sidra in Asturias) few posts and articles have highlighted Spanish shoes (alpargatas), capes, woven blankets, guitars or ceramics.

Sargadelos Is from Galicia

I think many of the traditional Spanish artisan non-food products deserve attention. I have always loved Sargadelos ceramics, and own many pieces. (I have for years harbored the desire to one day have a complete set of Sargadelos dishes.) I love the bright blue designs, ranging from traditional Galician almost Celtic-inspired designs to the bold abstract molded shapes and patterns. They reliably make Quijote and Sancho Panza figurines, ceramic masks like those worn in traditional festivals in Galicia, ceramic porrones (traditional drinking vessels) along with the coffee/tea sets and dishes.

Enjoy the pictures. And I've linked a blog post from Inside the Travel Lab where you'll see more great pictures of the blue and white beauties.