What We Do

Epicurean Ways

Designer of exclusive private tailored trips exploring the foods, wines and cultures of Spain and Portugal 

Tailored & Private

Each Epicurean Ways trip is unique. We consult with all of our clients to get to know their tastes and preferences, something that allows us to offer personalization of every aspect of our trips. Since we offer exclusively private travel, we can focus fully on giving our demanding clientele as many options and as much control as they need. 

Specialists & Experts

We have extensive experience and deep connections in Spain and Portugal. We work with only the best local guides and experts to help you enjoy, discover, and learn. Our guides will illuminate the history and culture so that you can see the people and places as they do. At wineries, restaurants and workshops, meet up with the creators themselves to hear how (and why) they make such world-class products. When you travel with Epicurean Ways, you see through expert eyes. You meet and spend time with locals–from guides to winemakers, farmers to chefs, journalists to historians, market vendors to enologists, painters to guitar makers. People who help you peel back the layers of a place and a culture, who share their lives and their stories with you, until you begin to see the places through their eyes.

Insider & Exclusive

Access the best that each destination has to offer. Whether you are attracted by art, wine, food, history, or simple wanderlust, we will match you with the best places and the best way to experience them. We will consult with you to find the right visits and experiences for you and your companions. We work directly with people and venues to offer unparalleled access to the most premier locations. Look to us for exclusive luxury experiences: premium wine and food tastings; private visits to wineries, kitchens, markets, local homes, artisan food producers, art ateliers and sites of cultural interest; art & architecture tours with experts; private cooking classes; traditional & fine dining; private wine-tasting cruises.

Places Through Wine & Food

Private wine trips are our specialty. We customize each wine trip to the travelers, from early-stage wine enthusiasts to seasoned connoisseurs. In crafting our trips we pay as much attention to the food as to the wine, highlighting the food in the deep traditional spots and in the lauded fine dining establishments.

Who We Are

Jane Gregg is the founder of Epicurean Ways. An unrepentent lover of the wines, cuisines and cultures of Spain and Portugal, Jane has spent years seeking out the stellar and the unexpected across these two countries, developing what she has found into tours. She now spends her time between Cádiz in southern Spain and Charlottesville, Virginia.

Jane founded Epicurean Ways in 2007. Her love affair with Spain dates back to the late 1970s. A study-abroad program that turned into a five-year stay in Madrid, attending the Universidad Complutense, teaching English and eating in every tapas bar she saw, led to graduate school in Spanish Literature, and later to running her own translation agency in Los Angeles. Throughout she maintained a strong interest in the food, wine and traditions of Spain. Finally, in 2005, while living in Spain and walking the long lonely stretches of beach between El Palmar and Playa Bolonia in Cádiz, she decided to harness the accumulated knowledge, experience and passion to start the company specialized in food and wine tours in Spain. 

Jane continues to track down every chef, winery, local specialist, artisan producer, specialist guide and food and wine writer in Spain and Portugal to set up the trips for Epicurean Ways. Jane has always insisted on working with food and wine specialist guides for the tours. And what has become the unofficial motto of Epicurean Ways was something that Jane felt strongly about from the beginning: Excellence in everything–every visit, every tasting, every encounter. Knowing that your time is valuable and that you don't travel across the ocean for mediocre experiences, she discards any and all experiences that don't meet her high standards. To this day Jane hand-selects the guides, hotels and experiences. This means looking long and hard before finding the unsurpassable activities and excellent guides that we include in our trips. 

Since our beginnings twelve years ago, our trips have evolved and we have found scores of unique experiences, knowledgeable locals and specialist guides throughout Spain and Portugal.

Custom Trips

We design private trips for groups: couples, family groups, friends, wine clubs, wine shops, restaurants and chefs, alumni groups and culinary groups.

If you have a group, no matter the size, and are interested in traveling to Spain or Portugal, contact us and tell us what you’re looking for. We can send you itineraries from past trips or design a trip just for your group.

Read more about custom trip planning.

Preset Trips

We offer trips with preset itineraries. They are ready-made, off the rack trips. These trips are on our website and can be reserved exactly as they appear. Or simply use these trips as inspiration for your ideal trip. We can offer you many amazing experiences and tours–experiences not found on the website. Call us to find out more.

Travel in Spain and Portugal

Spain and Portugal tend to be food-obsessed countries. Each region, province, and even village, proudly lays claim to a traditional recipe or product, culinary tradition or food and wine related festival. Spain is one of Europe’s most progressive nations in architecture, urban planning, fashion, legislation and cuisine. At the same time, Spaniards maintain traditions in cooking, daily life, festivals and rituals. Our trips immerse you in these coexisting sides of Spain. In Portugal traditions hold strong in the kitchen and recipes resulting from centuries of seafaring and colonizing far reaches combine local and exotic ingredients.

Experiences We Like

  • Food & wine activities: market visits, artisan producer visits, winery visits, wine tastings, cooking classes, tapas tours

  • Cultural visits: architecture tours, art tours, historical city tours, bulls & horses

  • Active adventures: vineyard walks, coastal hikes, horseback riding, bike day-tours

  • Artisan producer visits: olive-oil producers, cheese makers, Iberian ham producers, traditional butchers, anchovy salters, farm visits

  • Spending time with chefs and winemakers learning about what they do. Their passion is palpable.

  • Visiting our curated selection of restaurants, tapas eateries, specialty food shops and wine cellars

Our Guides

Enjoy the company of our specialist guides as they share their extensive knowledge of places, culture, history, art, architecture and gastronomy. Our on-the-ground guides continually scope out the best restaurants, wineries, artisan food producers and cultural experiences. 

Our Hotels 

We hand-select boutique and luxury hotels based on high standards of comfort, charm and service, not stars alone. Many of the hotels we select are small charming hotels, country inns and rooms in historic palaces or houses. Many of the hotels are restored buildings with remarkable character, yet have all of the modern amenities you expect. Hotel location is very important to us, and we typically choose hotels in the historic centers of Spanish and Portuguese cities and towns, or in idyllic spots in the countryside. If your taste is high-end, ask us about our favorite luxury hotels in both Spain and Portugal. 

Local Sustainable Travel

We support local economies and sustainability by working with local wineries, chef-owned restaurants, locally owned hotels, artisan food producers, and local guides. In doing so, we hope to help preserve the local food, wine and traditional means of production, and to help the local traditional activities in towns and regions remain economically viable.

Our Memberships

We are board members on the Bon Appétit Magazine Epicurean Travel Advisory Board.