Wine in Spain and Portugal

Spain surely deserves more fame than it has as a wine country. With countless small bodegas and passionate winemakers producing terroir-driven wines, often from old vines and native grape varieties, wine touring inevitably includes an element of the unexpected. Despite years of press reviews and availability abroad, many wines and wineries in Spain tend to be a bit of a secret, which endows the experiences with a sense of mystery.

We arrange wine tours and tastings for all levels of wine travelers from simple aficionados to collectors and connoisseurs. The wineries you visit–and the wines you taste at each winery–will be tailored to the level of your wine interest. If you are exploring we will introduce you to the range of styles and personalities of the wines and winemakers. If you are familiar with the region's winemaking and want exposure to the most interesting wineries in that region, we will focus on wines of a particular style which we choose based on your wine profile. If you are an experienced wine connoisseur and possibly wish to buy wine during your trip, we will arrange your visits with the owners or winemakers/enologists and will include extended tastings of all of the wines including older vintages.

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