Traditions & Artisans

Spain and Portugal have long traditions of craftmanship. 

Spain and Portugal share the unique characteristic of an underlying tension between the strength of their very relevant traditional cultures and their head-long entry into global uber-modern culture. They don't seem to have missed a beat, and outshine some of their neighbors in their embrace of and creation in modern cuisine, architecture, fashion, design and lifestyles. Co-current with this rush to modernity is a staunch, well-reasoned adherence to traditions. Family, food and heritage order the Iberian universe. The tradition-modernity continuum varies by region making for fascinating travel experiences. 

Explore the traditional arts, crafts, cuisines and ways of life in Spain and Portugal. Visit a guitar maker deep in the heart of Granada, taste jamón ibérico with Iberian ham producers in the mountains, watch anchovy salters at work on the Catalan coast, spend an evening with a flamenco musician, visit contemporary artists' workshops in Madrid and Barcelona, try Michelin-star modern one day and rustic traditional tapas the next. 


Guitar Making

Centuries of the finest guitar making



Every village, town, city and region has its festivals


Andalusian Horses

Andalusian horses are bred and showcased throughout the South