Getaria is the Perfect Basque Country Getaway

Getaria, the small fishing village in Spain's Basque Country, is a surprising place. The town of 3000 has a world-class museum–the Balenciaga Museum–a Michelin-starred restaurant–Elkano–along with four or five other destination restaurants, Txakoli wineries to visit, artisan cheese makers curing Idiazabal and other cheeses, stunning coastline, an active fishing port and professional fish market, and an anchovy and sardine canning facility offering tastings. 


Getaria is 30 minutes from San Sebastián, making it an ideal day trip. If you're visiting a Txakoli winery, many of which are found near Getaria, then Getaria is the perfect place to have lunch after wine tasting in the hills. Boats in Getaria's port unload a large part of the catch for Gipuzcoa province, and so freshly-caught fish and seafood are on every menu in town. Getaria is a pristine medieval village–reason enough to visit. Add to that fact the "destination" restaurants–Kaia, Elkano, Txoko Getaria, The Mayflower–and it's worth the day trip or better yet, a few nights' stay. There are some charming boutique hotels both in town and in the hills above Getaria.

Come for the food, stay for the charm.

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