Almonacid del Marquesado and the Endiablada Festival

The town of Almonacid del Marquesado (pop 537) in Cuenca province (Castilla La Mancha) celebrates the "Endiablada" (Brotherhood of the Devils) festival every February 2-3. The festival dates to medieval times

Joseph Wilson writes on AP News:

Members of the town's all-male religious brotherhood dress up in what they consider devil-type characters, donning colorful jumpsuits and red miter hats. Almost every male in the village, from boys up to the elderly, then take part in processions through the twisting village streets.
They each carry heavy copper cowbells around their waist, which they clang incessantly, and some run and jump to make as much noise as possible. Each man in the brotherhood also has his own wooden staff that they have inherited or carved, some of which include images of a devil.

The hand-carved staffs the men carry are reminiscent of Latin American folk art.